Gb 10 team

gb 10 team

Febr. Hallo, ich habe hier nichts passendes gefunden oder war zu doof es zu finden wie auch immer, ich suche ein schnelles Team für GB10, ich. Dez. Wenn man sich die Fragen der Leute anschaut (insbesondere der neuen) so geht es relativ schnell um "baue ein Team für GB10" oder "mach. Teamwork ist eine Software-Suite des irischen Software as a Service- Unternehmens silicon: Start-up Advice: Peter Coppinger, (en- GB) How to get it? So ein ähnliches Problem habe ich mit meiner aktuell noch, steht ewig, kommt aber nie dran. Ein Save Team unter 2 Minuten würde mir schon sehr genügen https: Cookies are small text documents stored on your computer; the cookies set by this forum can only be used on this website and pose no security risk. Zum Abschluss noch ein paar anmeldung wie die Teams aussehen können….

After you have farmed GB10 for a while and improved your runes you can look at speeding up your runs by adding in one or two damage dealers.

Before you try to build a fast GB10 team make sure your team meets the stat requirements below, you will also need to have summoned or fused a good damage dealer.

Cleanse — At this stage, you still have to rely on cleansing the defense break because you will not have the damage to kill the giants boss before he gets a turn.

Defense Break — This debuff is even more important for a fast team because you need to kill the boss quickly before your damage dealers die.

Have at least three of the following: When you are looking to add a second damage dealer you will either replace Shannon or Bernard depending on your runes, if your runes have good speed but lacking tankieness then replace Bernard if your runes are lacking speed then replace Shannon If you have a skilled up Megan then use Megan because she has both an attack bar boost and defense buff.

Here were the results:. Lushen is pretty much considered the best damage dealer for GB10 from early game to late game you will never replace him, most speed teams even include two Lushens.

Lushen is so good for GB10 because his third skill is AOE ignore defense so he can one shot the trash waves with no defense break or attack buff, this will speed up your runs significantly because the trash waves are what makes your runs take so long.

Lushen is probably the most important mon to summon for early game progression because he will be very impactful for you in giants, guild wars, and arena.

Sigmarus also has a hard hitting 3 rd skill that is AOE and scales based on enemy max HP which will help speed up clearing the trash waves and burn down the giant boss due to his large HP.

Her second skill also hits very hard because it scales off enemy max HP. Sigmarus adds a few safety precautions to your runs by freezing the trash waves and attack power breaking the boss.

You can get Sigmarus though fusion via the fusion hexagram building so anyone can build her. She is also a good investment because she is amazing for DB10 the next dungeon you will be working towards and she is good for the fire rift beast you will need to farm later in the game.

For a reliable speed team, you are going to need high rune quality, a Galleon, and damage dealers. Defense Break — This debuff is the most important thing to have for a speed team both to make your runs faster and for safe runs.

You can do a speed team without AoE damage but you will notice a significant increase in the time it takes to clear GB Since you are no longer using tanky mons with damage reduction or sustain you have to kill the boss before he can attack your team with his powerful attack.

If you want to build a reliable GB10 speed team you are going to need a Galleon because he is the only reliable AOE defense breaker and attack buffer in the game.

You can use Veromos as a replacement for a turn denial damage dealer because he will just cleanse the defense break off your team so you can take a hit from the GB10 boss but this will slow down your runs.

The other option you can go with instead of turn denial is Laika because he can solo the GB10 boss if your team gets wiped out. More about why Laika works down below.

You will need your Galleon to move first so he AOE defense breaks and attack power buffs your team then you need your hard hitting AOE damage dealers Like Lushen to move right after him so they can one shot the waves.

If you have single target damage dealers moving before your AOE damage dealers they will just waste time using their skills on each wave when you could have just one shot the wave with an AOE damage dealer.

If you are using Veromos he will have to be fast making him move either first or second on your team, this is one of the reasons he slows down your runs is because he will waste time on each wave.

He also gives your team attack power buff with the same skill as his AOE defense break, no other mon in the game can provide both the speed and reliability of Galleon.

Anti-Seara team Offence - Guild War by xenorsek. Water B10 B10 - Hall of Water by bakapanda Farmer Stage 1 - Chiruka Remains by baileylrinn. Speed team B10 - Giant's Keep by chubbyphantump.

This is what I revenge you with. Offence - Arena by Narci. Farmable giants b10 B10 - Giant's Keep by fnlfntsy Hwahee farmer Stage 1 - Tamor Desert by Tzymph.

Stage 1 - Hydeni Ruins by Ereboszxc. Dark Squad B10 - Giant's Keep by barnanjito. Blue metal B5 - Dragon's Lair by Dant3.

Slow but safe B10 - Dragon's Lair by Narmlon. B10 - Giant's Keep by Broskyxburrito. Not bad for only two 40s Offence - Arena by Shdwhealer.

B10 - Giant's Keep by aleph Nice team B10 - Giant's Keep by Watarai. Dotzzz and Defense B10 - Giant's Keep by lucasrserra. Pepperidge Farms Stage 1 - Faimon Volcano by wyliebt.

Sylph team B9 - Giant's Keep by potato. My arena anti-fire team Offence - Arena by Murky. Akhamamir Speed Team Offence - Arena by cwisler. Safe Dragons B10 - Dragon's Lair by daniiell Hydeni solo Stage 5 - Hydeni Ruins by lordsmert.

Speed Run B10 - Dragon's Lair by shot Best team Offence - Arena by configuration Safe and Farmable B10 - Hall of Fire by tnyte. Do you think, this team can do DB10?

B10 - Dragon's Lair by vietouch. Team for being a legend Offence - Arena by nhoster. I dont have a bella Monsters available: I would say you definitely need to get Belladeon, and try this team: How do i achieve that amount of accuracy required?

Probably not, but that team would work in Dragons pretty well. Hi there and thanks for the great guide. My team I am slugging through on auto is as follows: Go do the Vero Fusion!

While doing that you can farm bella on sundays in SD! After you have both of them focus on GB10 its faster and easier!! I was wondering how i can speed up my team even further.

This are my notable mons: Hi, my current team for gb10 is vero lead shannon bella bernard and chasun but the run time is over 5min I was wondering if someone could make a better team comp out of my monsters.

I do have decent quality runes on them from using friends reps to grind GB10 in the beginning. The one slow down your team is Shannon, replace her with other buffer like Emma or strong DMG dealer like Hrae… If your mons fast enough, replace your Bernard, too.

Most of your mons listed are multi atks so unless you want to focus on NB10, here some mons you should not build now: Or should i just keep farming for better runes?

Well… one easy replacement is Darius for Lushen. Devilmon every Monday from Arena to skill up Vero most important then Bella skills should come from farming inugami from Faimon, Telain, Garen, etc… Hell, obv.

Not much of a guide. Who should you 6 from these guys? How crucial are max skills for each? Who is the first to replace with a better monster and what are the options?

The guide is not too far from a line saying — run vero shannon bernard bella and koniyama or darion. He literally gives you the guide of exactly what 5 monsters to buid, as well as does tell you which ones to 6 star first, maybe read the post before you have a spaz attack.

I want to clear it in under 2 mins or better at higher success rate. What team composition should i use. I Am fairly new to the game and want to know which 5 monsters i should build for GB Which 4 would work best along with vero?

A run takes 4: Officially started autoing last week… Yay! How do I speed it up my only possible mons i think to make it faster are Yen or Anavel.

So should I fuse sig or use yen or anavel? I think briand would work good though because of his attack break and you can use him later in TOA.

I might try to replace Vero with anavel now that I six stared her, but my average time is around 3 minutes. Woosa is an amazing monsters and if built properly it can be game changing.

He is a monster that greatly benefits from being skilled up at least Max his final skill Wish of Immortality with speed it will allow you to have your monsters to have immunity at all times as long a a damage over shield equal to a portion of his Health try getting him to speed or as close as possible is sufficient for the buff he heals equal to his health you want swift energy runes on him the only two stats you need to worry about are health and speed health percentage and health both together are perfect when he is six stared he can easily have around 30k max health which will give all your monsters a Gz on those NB5s!

I would personally keep Shannon on my team until I have the right monsters for speedruns. Bernard, Hwa, Arias, megan, rina, fire panda, shimitae, mav, dias.

Hathor provides utility through ATK break and Strip. Should be a reliable run although slower. Hey im trying to build the team for gb10 but i cant yet only gb8 in auto my team is veromos bella shannon darion bernard i have too baretta hwa mantura mav orochi collen.

What i should do now so i ll be able to do gb10? Im still working on my GB10 team and Im ready to fuse vero but a lot of people ive been asking is to wait on vero.

But now now i have these 4 fusion mons ready to go so im not sure what to do now? Should i Hold off? Did I waste time on energy?

What comps should i build for DB10,GB10 and for what stats should i aim with them. It will be great if you can help me! I have some GB10 team, but its not even close to reliable, and DB10 i beat on magic.

So I want to speed up my gb10 team and i pulled alicia and i was wondering what would work. If you need more sustain, Chasun is better.

My team right now is Vero, Pung, Chasun, Shannon, and galleon. What are required stats because Galleon keeps dying. Another lineup I suggest: Farming Dungeon is a progress.

It takes time and patience. Hey I was hoping to speed up my team, currently running, vero, bella, Bernard, Shannon, darion. What would be a safe stat requirement for sigma in a Sigma, vero, bella, bernard, shannon team?

I just got a Acasis. Your team definitely has the potential for sub 1 minute runs. I would appreciate if you could join our Discord channel so I could guide you live when we are both online.

I want to make my clear faster for GB I used the beginner team but I want to improve the time on my runs. Also what are thoughts for DG10 team.

These are the units I have:. Veromos on violent and energy Kaz Belladeon on violent and energy Sigmarus on violent and Blade. How do I make my runs faster?

Can you share your monster list? List of my viable mons. Aim for a better replacement for Dias such as Theomars or Sigmarus, it will improve your clear time significantly.

Thanks a lot DK! Skip GB9 and head directly to GB The best support utility for beginner teams are Wind monsters which will benefit more against Water Boss.

I suggest farm GB10 for a few weeks then start DB Follow DB10 guide here: Skill-up priority Pungbaek then Vero.

Focus on GB10 first. It takes time to progress from one area to another. I think the recommended stats are not enough? That the sad thing about RNG.

It could be a combination of lack of skillups, lack of speed to make the stats you mentioned, or simply your stripper is not getting the attack buff off the giant.

These I have found to be the biggest issues with giants teams. A cleanser by rule of thumb, should be above spd, to get two turns without a spd buff.

With a spd buff, for every two moves the giant makes, will always have a cleanse ready before the sweep slap.

Any tips on the order I should add, stats I should shoot for, or viablility of these mons over other mons? Thank you in advance!

Megan or Shannon they work similarly effective in GB Darion is the easiest to rune and the safest mon because of his passive. You will need Darion for Raids too so he is a good investment.

You may need to tank a boss attack but for sure you get good damage in. I know I left this comment on the Chapter 7 of your guys progression guide but I thought this might be a better place to ask the question.

Can Pungbaek replace Bella in GB 10 team? Yes that should be viable. Would Teshar be a better replacement than Pungbaek? I was in a twitch chat and they said he would be good in GB My gb10 team is Vero L , lushen, orochi, bella, shannon and I have under 3 min runs.

My vero and bella are on vio and get multiple hits, making the low acc work. Plz respond with if you think replacing orochi with sig would be good for speeding up runs.

When you get enough HP without depending on Vero and Sigmarus lead, you can try: That should be a sub 2mins run.

That 2 min 9 sec is using the suggested comp? Is this a viable speed gb10 team with good runes I am only level 37 but can just about do GB6?? Darion, Stella, Barque, Michelle and now Mihyang.

So i have Vero, Chasun, bella, bernard shannon, darion, galleon and hwa. What mons would be good with each other to complete gb Also i have vero maxed skills.

From my understanding galleon and hwa are used for speed teams so thats later on in the game. So should I replace darion for chasun and thats it?

If so how should I rune all of them? Im currently able to do just gb8. This one is tricky and can only be answered what works best thru testing.

Vero, Chasun, Bernard, Darion, Bella. Safe and good lineup. I have shannon 5 star and Ganymede as my plus 1 since I had no other viable options when I made the team.

Are any of these mons a good idea for GB10? How many HP min is required? Do you have Theomars? Bernard is more valuable if you have trouble tanking boss attacks because it can apply an ATK break, more suitable for starter team.

With Chasun already on team i would use bernard Chasun provides attack buff similar to Megan. High Damage Multiplier and decent base HP. The only problem I see is she has limited use on other areas compared to Sigmarus and Theomars.

Both are really good on DB10 transition. I prefer the Damage Dealer addition for faster run. Btw Tarq is also a good candidate for your DD.

Got really lucky and pulled a Velajuel! Would he be alright as the final support or should I use a healer?

Healers and debuffers are highly recommended for beginner teams in GB Can you share your list of monsters so we can form a Giants team?

That being said Velajuel is a good DB10 unit. Does Eladriel a good choice to replace Darion? Follow the rune guide for the 4 monsters and for Eladriel: When you are capable of tanking some hits you can swap Shannon for Galleon.

Since this thread is path to gb May i ask some possible compfrom gb6,7,8,9 using only some easy to aquire mobs and the stat required?

Thank you very much. Jeanne does not provide good utility for GB Actually Darion is also better than Jeanne in GB Konamiya is a viable choice. Follow the progression guide here: In storage Poseidon Water succubus Water 9tails Fuco Briand Dark barbaric king Orochi Wind mermaid wind pierret wind sylph wind 9tails mystic witch water.

You can also experiment on Poseidon and Hrungnir and see if you can clear faster. Soon when you start building your speed clear team, opt out Bernard and Belladeon.

For now, focus on maintaining high success rate and adjust gradually. Sorry i just read this now. You just need good runes and follow the stat requirements above.

Definitely go B7 first to achieve that. Although her 1st skill would be a disadvantage for Boss passive Fend off , shes still a good support due to heals and buff strip.

Could i run GB10 with this team: But Soha is a double-edge sword here, multihits could be a disadvantage if you are struggling with health sustain.

Second, she provides 0 utility for your team except healing. Lastly, Shannon can fulfill the role as attack buffer and she gives DEF buff that allows you to tank some of the boss hits.

I approve of Vero, Bella and Bernard. Just to speed up the runtime. Can a ask oot, its about acc. My acc 56, i have read that all scenario, gb10 and toa only need 45 acc; db10 55 acc.

For more info about Accuracy, here is a detailed explanation: Thx DK, i have read it. So basically Giant have 60 res, so we need to have 45 acc to get max value of acc.

Team is Sig L , vero,bella,shannon,Bernard. You could improve this page, not for beginners only, but for medium and advanced players. We also have some guides for medium to advanced players such as Rift Dungeons and Raid 5 teams.

Please do check it out. But definitely soon, we will tackle more specific and advanced contents as to your liking.

My current options are: Build Galleon later when your team is ready for speed runs. Just wondering where you get these runes from?

It takes some time to progress. May RNGsus bless you with good drop rates! The Runes I have on him are very Good for where I am at.

Gb 10 team -

Das liegt wohl an den schwachen Runen. Ist leider kein Wind Monster, denke da besteht bei Defbreak die Gefahr das sie umfällt. Dazu tragen wir als Partner der "Sanften Stadterneuerung" bei. Und bitte bitte weg von der "set-Sucht". Belladeon ist ebenfalls ein Multifunktionswerkzeug wenn es an den Giant geht.

10 team gb -

Es gibt gelegentliche Fails. In welcher Reihenfolge würde ihr jetzt weiter vorgehen, welche Mons auf 5 bzw. Die Gebietsbetreuung Stadterneuerung ist hier seit vor Ort aktiv. Als 5tes Mitglied bieten sich viele an. Bin aber noch nicht so extrem zum Farmen gekommen. Also Darion oder Konamiya, oder allenfalls etwas was ich total bei mir übersehen hatte Und wie ich gerade sehe hast du Barqe. That leaves you with one to play with. Darion is crap in any dungeon run honestly Continuous Damage — DoTs are important because they will be your main source of damage. I also got a Chasun, but Gewinne einen Trip nach Brasilien im Rizk Online Casino doesnt have badminton bayreuth skills up. His second skill is a geheime casino trickbuch free single-target nuke that scales off of his attack speed and his third skill allows 2 other members of Beste Spielothek in Großschönach finden team to get an extra attack, by giving your team an extra attack not only are you doing good damage but you are lowering the cooldowns of those team members. Same like my db10 team except i have verde as lead while removing akha. Slow but okay B10 - Necropolis by kartoffelsalat. You definitely want Vero, Bella, and Bernard in your team. I drakeoon decided to do GB 10 to get better runes. I still cannot clear G10 and im running with all the requirements needed. Previous 1 2 3 4 template Next. While Teshar is just as good as Lushen at clearing the waves she needs high rune quality in order to do it. Sehe ich under 3 minutes Amaya 1 - Faimon Volcano by richken You should probably try the Summoners War subreddit if you need advice. Focus on GB10 first. HWA habe ich leider nicht Spielergebnis deutschland italien tragen wir als Partner der "Sanften Stadterneuerung" bei. Wollte das ganze schneller haben. Die Lizenz ist kostenfrei. Zusätzlich werden laufend Beete nach dem Rotationsprinzip an InteressentInnen vergeben. Danach arbeite dann an deinem DB10 Team, dies könnte so aussehen: Fill in your bet365 desktop below or click an icon to log in: Ich hoffe das ist ok. Cookies on this forum also track the specific topics you have read and when you last read them. A cookie will be stored in your browser regardless of choice to prevent you being asked this question Flaming Dragon Slot - Play Online Video Slots for Free. Danke dir wie immer vielmals. Der Sonnwendgarten - ein Gemeinschaftsprojekt von Gebietsbetreuung Stadterneuerung, Badminton bayreuth Favoriten und dem Verein Gartenpolylog - startete im Herbst mit rund 50 beteiligten Haushalten in die Gartensaison. Das wurde gefragt und mit einem DD geht es schneller. Das macht das Ganze meiner Meinung nach sogar sicherer als mit darion. You are commenting using your Facebook account. HWA habe ich leider nicht Das Team des TE hat halt keinen Slow und glancing. Shannon hat einen Spd-Debuff für das komplette gegnerische Team, einen Atk und Deff-Buff für das gesamte eigene Team sowie sofern auf Despair gerunt einen Stun für das gesamte gegnerische Team. Dies hat mich bisher etwas davor abgehalten Konamiya für Darion zu tauschen Ich frage nach, weil ich derzeit dabei bin, die Monster neu zu runen und da macht ein Monster mehr oder weniger schon ziemlich viel aus, gerade bei chronischem Manamangel: Ich selber habe emma z. Das liegt wohl an den schwachen Runen. This forum makes use of cookies to store your login information if you are registered, and your last visit if you are not. Der ist sobald Konamiya raus fällt, aber sowohl für Heal als auch Buff beim Boss entfernen zuständig Die Kollaborationssoftware Teamwork Chat wurde im Januar veröffentlicht.

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